cuRRay - CUDA Relativistic Raytracer

cuRRay is an acronym for CUDA relativistic raytracer, a software I programmed. The software calculates the trajectories of light particles, that is, light rays, near black holes. This way, images of objects near these cosmological monsters can be created. According to Einstein's theory of general relativity, light rays are deflected by the extreme gravity of black holes. The curved light rays lead to highly distorted images of the objects. cuRRay uses NVIDIA CUDA to efficiently compute the paths of light using the graphics card.

cuRRay is the software I programmed for my Matura project at my former high school, Kantonsschule Wohlen. The project won two main prizes at the 2018 swiss national contest of Schweizer Jugend Forscht (SJF): Firstly, a participation at the Stockholm International Youth Science Seminar (SIYSS) 2018, a week-long programme in the context of the Nobel prizes in Stockholm, Sweden. Secondly, a participation at the 2018 European Union Contest for Young Scientists (EUCYS) in Dublin, Ireland. There the project won a special price offered by the European Southern Observatory (ESO) allowing me to travel to Chile and visit telescopes and research sites of ESO. As a hobby astrophotographer, I am particularely thrilled about this opportunity.

Three images created by cuRRay. A black hole (black ball) with a ring (green-gray checkerboard pattern on one side, magenta-gray pattern on the other) is shown from three different angles: top-down, from diagonally above and from slightly above the equator.

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Sébastien Garmier

photo: Hannah Dobbertin - www.hannah-dobbertin.com


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